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  This paper reviews and evaluates the development of Bank of Korea policy in historical and comparative perspective. The historical perspective focuses on the most recent of the three...
Author(s): Thomas F. Cargill
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Nov 25 2009 - 14:55
  During the past decade there has been growing academic interest in the field of nation branding. It is increasingly common for governments to adopt the techniques of brand...
Author(s): Keith Dinnie
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Aug 25 2009 - 14:55
  In Northeast Asia and the United States during the later months of 2008 a great deal of attention was paid to the health of Kim Jong-il. Rumors of a stroke, possible partial...
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Jul 29 2009 - 14:55
  This paper examines the way in which new media technologies have compelled policymakers to adapt regulatory frameworks and to restructure television broadcasting in order to accommodate...
Author(s): Ki-sung Kwak
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Jul 25 2009 - 14:55
  Financial crises are more common than people usually expect. In fact, 139 financial crises from 1973 to 1997 have been identified by Eichengreen and Bordo, and they concluded that...
Author(s): Myung-koo Kang
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May 25 2009 - 14:55
  Science diplomacy refers to international scientifi c cooperation aimed simultaneously at advancing scientifi c knowledge and improving and strengthening broader relations between...
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Apr 25 2009 - 14:55
  National identity in South Korea is steeped in historical regret laced with wishful pursuit of idealistic absolution. Intemperate bouts of seeking immediate satisfaction draw support from...
Author(s): Gilbert Rozman
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Mar 17 2009 - 14:55
  South Korea is currently engaged, once again, in a large-scale, expensive modernization of its military that aims to provide the country with a more robust and self-sufficient defense. The...
Author(s): John Feffer
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Feb 2 2009 - 14:30
  The U.S. National Intelligence Council report, Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World, published in 2008, predicts that Korean unification is likely by 2025 “if not as a...
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Jan 28 2009 - 14:55
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