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  According to its writers, the hit 1990s television show Seinfeld was guided by the notion that, unlike other sitcoms, it was going to be a show about nothing and where there would be “...
Author(s): Michael Schiffer
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  North Korean questions can be examined from both traditional and nontraditional security perspectives. North Korea’s use of resources to maintain a large conventional military force...
Author(s): Lee Shin-wha
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  Given the growing importance of East Asia to global stability and prosperity, sustaining the five U.S. treaty alliances in the region—Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia, Thailand...
Author(s): James Przystup
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  As the U.S. economic crisis was just getting off the ground, many analysts claimed Asia would be relatively immune to the impact because its economies had “decoupled” from the...
Author(s): Richard Katz
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  Security relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea, like those of any other two closely entwined neighbors, glisten with the multiple facets of complexity. A number of structural...
Author(s): T.J. Pempel
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  On 1 April 2007 Korea and the United States finally completed their year-long negotiations to conclude the Korea- U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), which was then signed by the...
Author(s): Lee Jaemin
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  On 30 June 2007, U.S. and South Korean trade officials signed the U.S.- Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA). The two countries reached the agreement after 10 months of very tense...
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  Korea and Japan are two key allies of the United States in East Asia. These two countries are “window models” of postwar democratization and economic advancement in a free world...
Author(s): Park Cheol-hee
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
  President Lee Myung-bak won a landslide victory in 2007. His popularity before the election was obvious, and it came as a surprise to almost no one that he won by the largest margin since...
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May 25 2011 - 14:55
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