Tae Soo Kang


Tae Soo Kang is a Senior Research Fellow at the Korea Institute of International Economic Policy (KIEP) and Chair of the Executives' Meeting of East and Pacific (MEAP) Central Banks Working Group on Banking Supervision (WGBS). Prior to his current position with KIEP, Dr. Kang spent 20 years working at the Bank of Korea.

While at the Bank of Korea, Dr. Kang served as the Deputy Governor of Financial Stability, the Head of the Financial Markets Department and Depty Director General at the Monetary Policy Department. Furthermore, Dr. Kang was a Professor at the Korea Banking Institute and Research Fellow and Consultant for The World Bank.

Dr. Kang received his BA in Business Administration from Sung Kyun Kwan University, his MAcc from University of Missouri-Columbia and his Ph.D in Economics from University of Missouri-Columbia.