Korea Infographics


Below is a list of infographics created by KEI staff. You can view a full size version of these graphics by clicking on the title below each image.

We also have a list of our Wednesday Wisdom series, which teaches a new Korean proverb each week, and our Fun Fact Friday series, with stats and facts about Korea.

Please feel free to use any of these graphics, with attribution to KEI. For more information on KEI infographics and multimedia, please contact Director of Communications Jenna Gibson at jg@keia.org.


North Korean Submarine-Launched Missile Test Distances

Party Identification Among Korean American Registered Voters

Total Assests of South Korean Companies (in trillions of won)

Notable Athletic Exemptions from Military Service

North Korea and the Olympics by the Numbers

Alternate THAAD Deployment Sites in South Korea

China's Imports of Anthracite Coal (2011-2015)

Student Enrollment in Korean Schoools (2016)

Affected Areas of Flooding in North Korea (2016)

American Opinions on Korea in Numbers (2016)

Benefits of the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement

Percentage of Korean College Students Using Self-Deprecating Terms


Number of Jobless Graduates (2010-2015)


Tourist Visits to Korea, 2000-2016


Number of Applicants for Korean Language Proficiency Exam, 2000-2015


North Korean Defectors Entering South Korea, 2005-2016


National Assembly Voting by Province, 2016


Number of Women in the National Assembly


Women in the Workforce in Korea


Korean Millennials' Views


South Korean Trade with Central Asia


South Korean Trade with Iran, 2008-2015


Korean Players in Major League Baseball

THAAD Missile Defense in South Korea


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