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PLEASE NOTE: KEI HAS MOVED OFFICES. WE ARE STILL AT 1800 K ST NW, BUT WE ARE NOW LOCATED ON THE 3RD FLOOR.   A Revolutionary State: North Korea’s Support of Non-State Actors During the Cold War, North Korea fomented revolutionary fervor by training and providing military equipment to communist guerillas and anti-colonial liberation movements. After the collapse of the Communist Bloc, North Korea turned its attention to assisting Islamist militants, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. This commitment to assisting non-state actors opened spaces for the Kim family regime to sell weapons, earn hard currency, and undermine the United States. However, Kim Jong-un has largely shifted away from Pyongyang’s traditional support for non-state actors, suggesting his policymaking decisions are guided by principles different from those of his father and grandfather.  KEI invites you to join us for a discussion on the history of North Korea’s relations with non-state actors, how Kim Jong-un’s approach diverges from past practices, and what this means for addressing proliferation concerns.  
October 5, 2017