Are Sanctions Against North Korea Working? | April 6, 2017

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Last year the international community placed increasingly tougher sanctions on North Korea in response to two separate nuclear tests from Kim Jong-un. U.N. Resolution 2321 enacted in November aimed to improve upon Resolution 2270 passed in March—closing loopholes, expanding the scope of sanctioned items, and capping coal trade — yet concerns still remain over its enforcement. Unilateral measures were also passed, including the first sanctions on a North Korean leader for human rights abuses and secondary sanctions targeting financial institutions, but these are also not without their limitations. While North Korea’s continued defiance of the international community may not come as a surprise in 2017, it does not portend sanctions are ineffectual. In light of calls to revisit strategies toward North Korea, discerning the impact of recent sanctions on the Kim regime is now critical to how future policy will be shaped.
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