Daily Press 05/18/2012

Daily Press 05/18/2012



DAILY PRESS 05-18-2012



1. Trilateral nuke talks set for Monday in Seoul

2. Has North Korea Now Crossed China, Too?

3. The need for natural energy development

4. NK keeps importing banned luxury items via China: Kyodo

5. Behind the Space Odd Couple: Japanese Rocket, Korean Satellite

6. N.Korea Reportedly Resumes Work on Reactor

7. Mystery Deepens Over Chinese Fishermen Held in N.Korea



8. K-sure underpins Korean exporters

9. KCC threatens mobile carriers’ profitability

10. 'Korea prepared for Greek crisis'

11. Officials say over-reacting to euro crisis isn’t wise

12. WiBro: matter of pride?

13. Shaky financial market

14. Samsung and Apple continue proxy competition

15. Sluggish produce sales hurts retailers

16. Market Volatility Prompts Warning From Japan To S. Korea

17. Samsung: enjoy it while you can

18. CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-ING's Asia life insurance sale shifts into top gear

19. Asian Shares Slump; Korea Eliminates 2012 Gains

20. Korea’s Dr. Doom?

21. Korea, U.S. Hold 1st Joint FTA Meeting in Washington

22. Toyota Wants to Take Advantage of Korea's FTAs


South Korean Politics & News

23. Fleur power: Ethnic Korean joins French cabinet

24. Hardcore UPP faction to pick its own leaders

25. KCTU announces its conditional withdrawal of support for the UPP

26. More evidence implicating president in illegal surveillance

27. Lee's aides indicted

28. US House panel leader due in Seoul next week

29. Gwangju massacre still echoes for loved ones

30. UNESCO honors Jeonju as City of Gastronomy

31. Six defectors allowed to leave China

32. Fear of tuberculosis sweeps high school

33. 'Sponsors' pay university students for sex

34. Shameless!

35. Koreans unprepared for retired life

36. MBC in fresh dispute with unionists

37. Thousands Pay Tribute to 1980 Gwangju Victims

38. Housing Market Sees Slight Improvement in April Amid Slump

39. Langham to Build Luxury Design Hotel in Seoul

40. Gov't Boosts Support Measures for Young Entrepreneurs

41. LG Releases New LTE Smartphone

42. Import-Car Dealers Head South of Seoul

43. Department Store Sales Dip 1st Time in 26 Months

44. Designer pensions: A touch of class in the country

45. Prosecution indicts Lee’s cronies on bribery

46. Japan criticizes women’s rights museum

47. S. Korean satellite successfully reaches earth's orbit

48. Suncheon holds environmental festival

49. Korail introduces sleeper train for Yeosu

50. Korea`s next-generation bullet train nears 430 km per hour



51. For the future of the legislature

52. Cleaning up the subway

53. Overhaul of progressives

54. Gearing up Yeosu expo

55. Korea's 'invisible' gays

56. Has the era of ideologies ended?