Daily Press 05/07/2012

Daily Press 05/07/2012



1. North condemns Security Council

2. ‘North Korea may have aborted launch’

3. NK jamming signals affecting civilian flights in South Korea

4. ROK, US to make show of air power

5. North Korea’s No. 2 Official to Visit Indonesia And Singapore

6. Putin’s return to help enhance stability in Korean Peninsula

7. ‘Ethnic culture space’ developing for North Korean refugees

8. China agrees to joint study of pollution on Korean Peninsula

9. South Korea finds smuggled drug capsules from China containing flesh from dead babies



10. Focus on FTA utilization: U.S. rep

11. UPDATE 1-South Korea says UAE, Saudi promise more oil

12. Markets volatile due to election uncertainty, hopes of change in Europe’s crisis plan

13. Yeosu not expo-ready

14. Regulators insist that suspensions have ended

15. Regulator suspends 4 savings banks

16. Korea’s IT exports drop 9.4% in April

17. CEO Min seeks to invigorate Kookmin

18. New Galaxy Phone Stresses User-Friendliness

19. Korean Children Unhappiest in OECD Despite Material Wealth


South Korean Politics

20. DUP head urges NK against nuke test

21. UPP fights off dissent, asks candidates to step down

22. UPP friction reveals far-left problems

23. Park GH regains ground in polls

24. Progressive party at a critical juncture

25. NFP members lining up to challenge Yushin Princess

26. Park suspected of money laundering

27. Mirae Savings chairman caught while trying to flee

28. Xenophobia: Is Korea really that wary of outsiders?

29. Test-takers oppose subject changes in civil service exam

30. Middle schoolers less healthy than younger kids



31. UPP needs emergency surgery

32. Cubans in Seoul

33. Putin initiatives

34. Policymakers still favor coastal reclamations

35. Saving savings bank

36. Competitive SMEs

37. Devise a new business model

38. Decline of Japanese Chipmaker Sounds Warning for Korea

39. Sophistication of Korean culture