Daily Press 05/04/2012

Daily Press 05/04/2012



1. IAEA says would "not be surprised" by North Korea nuke test

2. Three more NK firms added to UN sanction blacklist

3. Clinton says U.S. willing to work with North Korea if it reforms

4. South Korea Checking Nuclear Reactor Safety After Outage

5. Pregnant N. Korean defector beaten, sent to gulag

6. N. Korean leader visits air force amid tensions

7. Powers ramp up diplomacy amid NK nuke threat



8. New rules to lessen FTA conflicts

9. Samsung’s New Galaxy S Phone Raises Heat on Apple Iphone

10. Big U.S. Retailers to Sell Products of Korean SMEs

11. European Carmakers Seek to Revise Free Trade Deal

12. Samsung, LG Lead Home Appliance Markets Abroad

13. Why Some Multinational Giants Struggle in Korea

14. Rich/poor gap continues to widen

15. S. Korea, China to hold first FTA talks in Beijing


South Korean Politics and News

16. Fake International Marriages on the Rise

17. Seoul to Host Global Green Growth Summit Next Week

18. Korea to introduce emission-trading system in 2015

19. UPP leaders split on blame over rigged primary

20. DUP to elect new floor leader today

21. Hard-fought measures leave much to be desired

22. Forum discusses the logistics of how to fund a unified Korea

23. Korea to attract 200,000 foreign students by 2020

24. Ex-police chief faces summons over Roh's 'hidden money'

25. Korean children least happy among OECD states



26. Korea Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance

27. Safeguard against the North

28. For China FTA, baby steps OK

29. ‘Shut up and eat your meat!’

30. The end of the Korean Wave

31. Why Korea’s defense reforms fail