Daily Press 05/01/2012

Daily Press 05/01/2012



1. International eyes peeled for a North Korea nuke test

2. Japanese Leader Says North Korea Is Likely to Conduct Nuclear Test After Failed Launch

3. Obama says N. Korea can't leverage anything from provocations

4. 'US backs Seoul's self-defense measures against Pyongyang'

5. More Refugees Than Dissidents in N.Korean Prison Camps

6. `78-day protest greatly changed attitudes toward defectors`

7. Thai journalists’ book sheds light on North Korea



8. Korea, China set to start FTA talks

9. ASEAN+3 to increase currency swap

10. Central government tightens budget for 2013

11. Gov't to offer tax breaks, incentives to fuel private investment

12. Beef inspection team begins work in US

13. Inflation mirage

14. Consumer inflation slows in April

15. Banks to suspend online loan services

16. Finding Korea’s green niche

17. Yeosu ready to welcome expo guests

18. Yeosu Expo shows Korea’s efforts to preserve ocean

19. Yeosu, offers more than expo


South Korean Politics and News

20. Ahn Cheol-soo may seek independent bid: father

21. Pro-labor party roiled by membership fee

22. Police chief nominee grilled over handling of crimes in hearing

23. Assembly committee adopts resolution to halt U.S. beef inspections

24. MB breaks his mad cow silence

25. Peruvian President to visit here

26. Incompetent!

27. Visa process simplified for expo-visiting Chinese

28. Support Movement for N.Korean Defectors Grows

29. For-profit foreign hospitals allowed in FEZ

30. MBC strike holds viewers hostage

31. Schoolkids More Stressed Than Adults



32. About US beef

33. Sham BSE team being sent to US

34. Still no communication

35. Countdown in the North

36. Protests for N.Korean Defectors Sent Powerful Signal

37. Soaring public sector debt

38. The lie of the 880,000 won generation

39. Female cop`s solo protest