Daily Press 04/30/2012

Daily Press 04/30/2012



1. 'UNSC step no magic bullet to block NK nuke test"

2. A Monk’s Earthly Mission: Easing North Koreans’ Pain

3. Report on political prisoners in North soon

4. S.Korean Troops Took Active Part in U.S. Missile Defense Drills

5. Human Rights Body Details N.Korean Abuses

6. Jang Song-taek Gains Control Kim Jong-un's Guards

7. N.Korean Nuclear Test 'Within 2 Weeks'

8. NK refugee’s family believed to have disappeared after media leak

9. 21 killed in north Nigeria church service attacks



10. Gov’t holds firm on U.S. beef imports despite furor

11. Are we too US beef-sensitive?

12. Korea’s 1% under a microscope

13. Census shows service sector fell out of step in 2010

14. Seniors start unification piggy bank

15. Thermal plants a hot investment

16. Has POSCO really hit bottom?

17. Last-ditch attempt

18. Smartphones ease Samsung to record Q1 results

19. Kia Posts Record Q1 Earnings

20. Samsung, Apple CEOs to Meet in U.S. Court

21. Business Sentiment Rises for May


South Korean Politics and News

22. Park Geun-hye says stop beef quarantines

23. Chung Mong-joon Throws Hat in Presidential Race

24. Lee stresses importance of public safety amid mad cow controversy

25. Ex-presidential chief of staff to run for top office

26.President’s‘political mentor’ Choi arrested in bribery case

27. 2008 rallies haunt Lee

28. Gaga came, took jab at government, conquered

29. Migrants mingle with Koreans at Freeport

30. South Korea arrests 9 Chinese sailors after 4 South Koreans injured in maritime scuffle



31. To boost tourist rush

32. Helping ‘second lives’

33. N. Korea's verbal threats

34. Remain calm over U.S. beef

35. Prosecutors must act faster

36. Lawmakers' privileges

37. Where are the new faces?

38. Koreans' xenophobia and globalization