Daily Press 04/27/2012

Daily Press 04/27/2012



1. More N.Korean Workers to Earn Valuta for Kim Jong-un

2. N.Korea Reiterates Threats of 'Special Action'

3. N.Korea makes new threats against SK gov`t, media outlets

4. New North Korean Missile Is Called Into Question

5. Chinese firm sold 8 military vehicles to N. Korea: report

6. 'NK provocations born from stroke'



7. Hyundai Motor Bucks Slump to Post Record Quarterly Profit

8. OECD Chief Says Korea Must Tackle Social Inequality for Growth

9. Fitch afrms Korea Investment & Securities at 'BBB'

10. Bank Of Korea Begins Investment In Chinese Treasuries

11. S Korea March Current Account Surplus At 4-Month High

12. OECD explains downgraded outlook

13. Hong makes zone more FDI-friendly

14. ‘Korea will not halt quarantine checks’

15. Intel Korea offers most handsome paycheck

16. Naver losing grip in Korea


South Korean Politics and News

17. IHO Puts Off East Sea Decision Until 2017

18. Thyroid Cancer Now Most Common Carcinoma in Korea

19. The Korean government lied about beef imports in 2008

20. Korean beef inspectors will head to US

21. KBS reporters launch Occupy protest

22. Greenpeace study finds Korea ill-prepared for nuclear accident

23. Civic groups call for suspension to US beef imports

24. Getting married in South Korea? Bring a lot of cash!

25. Crime ring busted for smuggling Korean relics overseas

26. DUP under fire for back-room power split pact

27. Ex-progressive fights old friends

28. Police authorized to enter homes in domestic disturbances

29. Choi asked FSS chief to help developer

30. Counterfeit parts ring is busted at 2 nuclear plants



31. What Does Washington's 'Pivot to Asia' Policy Mean?

32. Scripted politics to ruin party democracy

33. Twist in sea name dispute

34. President's silence

35. Convene the Assembly quickly

36. Fighting tax evasion

37. Nuclear warning bell