Daily Press 04/26/2012

Daily Press 04/26/2012



1. S.Korea Pushes for Bigger Missile Payload

2. S.Korea submits list of NK entities subject to UN sanctions

3. Naval officer who first detected NK rocket launch promoted

4. N.K. may see its end in a collapse: Cha

5. North Korea Poised to Rattle Region With Nuclear Blast

6. Foreign minister to visit Myanmar

7. U.S. envoy urges N. Korea to improve relations with South

8. Russia more flexible than China on N. Korean defectors



9. LG Posts Better-Than-Expected Earnings

10. Consumer Sentiment Improves for 4th Month

11. Analysts say new missiles displayed by N. Korea are sloppy fakes, show no sign of advancement

12. South Korean Growth Gets a Passing Boost

13. Korean economy to grow 3.5%: OECD

14. Recession accelerated financial safeguards

15. KOGAS secures stable LNG supply from United States

16. 'Korea, US cut secret beef deal'

17. Mad cow case verified in California

18. Woori bidding open to foreigners, says FSC chairman

19. KB job fairs to help baby boomer retirees

20. Chinese prefer Dongdaemun, Japanese favor Namdaemun: poll

21. Yeosu Expo expected to be safe and secure


South Korean Politics and News

22. No Halt of Imports as U.S. Confirms Mad Cow Disease

23. Japan Fails in East Sea Bid at IHO

24. Prosecutors to Arrest Ex-Telecom Regulator

25. Supreme Court recommends renegotiation of ISD clause

26. Samsung apparently fudging facts of worker illnesses

27. Parties hit by leadership strife

28. Park warns party loyalists to stay united, on message

29. Opposition calls for U.S. beef import halt

30. DUP in feud over collusion

31. Lame duck Lee hitting rough final stretch

32. President's political mentor faces arrest in graft scandal

33. Ups and downs in 6 months of Mayor Park

34. Jasmine Lee gets the attention of Philippine leader

35. Naggomsu, Na cleared of charges

36. Seoul City aims to cut energy use



37. Proceed carefully with US beef

38. Contrasting styles and choices for North Korea

39. Put North Korea on Trial

40. Corruption embedded in DNA

41. ‘Morally perfect’

42. Mad cow disease, again

43. Prudent approach to mad cow