Daily Press 04/25/2012

Daily Press 04/25/2012



1. Military official says North Korea has ‘powerful modern weapons’ capable of defeating US

2. N.K. reneging on U.S. deal suggests disarray at top: Hill

3. Along the Korean DMZ, the talk is of looming danger _ but the feel is more tourist trap

4. Seoul asks U.N. to add N.K. entities to sanctions list

5. Two Koreas changing the game

6. N. Korean leader learning through trial and error

7. N. Korea’s new power structure takes shape

8. Glimpse into governing organs in North Korea

9. IHO Bogged Down Over East Sea Name



10. Gov’t maps out 2013 budget to rein in pledges

11. Top 1% Take Up Bigger Slice of National Income

12. Better consumer sentiment for third month in April

13. Sri Lanka signs 3 MOUs with Korea

14. Samsung Heirs Stage a Korean Soap Opera

15. Major South Korean retailers halt sales of US beef on mad cow disease fears

16. Measures aim at traffic jams, hotel overpricing during Expo

17. Fake reefs to highlight greener Posco at Expo


South Korean Politics and News

18. Park warns against factional power struggle

19. Parties struggle to end deadlock

20. The vaccine for the opposition’s defeat in general election is Ahn Chul-soo?

21. ‘Kingmaker’ wants to wear crown

22. Choi grilled; Park’s home searched

23. MB’s ‘big shots’ robbed my project, says developer Lee

24. UPP makes major changes in wake of primary rigging

25. Parliament Lurches to Compromise on Fights

26. US Yongsan base to be transformed into park

27. 40 US student 'ambassadors' to visit Yeosu Expo



28. North Korea's choice

29. Time for a new kind of diplomacy

30. Lawmakers must do their share

31. Caught in debt trap

32. Pain of separation continues for Sakhalin Koreans