Daily Press 04/23/2012

Daily Press 04/23/2012



1. North Korea threatens 'special action' against S. Korea

2. N. Korea vows to continue ‘space program’

3. Korea, U.S. to hold senior defense talks

4. Seoul pays close scrutiny on NK-China ties

5. China’s Hu urges N. Korea to seek peace: Xinhua

6. China apparently running out of patience with North Korea

7. Will China shift policy toward its wayward ally?

8. Suspected Sale by China Stirs Concern at White House

9. South Korea Calls for Sea (Name) Change

10. Is N. Korea’s leader big fan of luxury items?



11. Korea at a loss over inequality

12. Korea still weak on resources: SERI

13. U.S. beef exporters bullish on Korean market

14. Scotland seeks Korea’s investment

15. Tunisian minister seeks Korean investment, inspiration

16. More rough seas ahead for exporters

17. Korea’s Growing Interest in Lower Rates

18. ELS not paying off for all

19. Korea wants int’l efforts on oil prices

20. Oil stocks drop slower as competition lacks teeth

21. KT lauches nationwide LTE network


South Korean Politics and News

22. In a Rowdy Democracy, a Dictator’s Daughter With an Unsoiled Aura

23. Most would choose Park or Ahn for president

24. Conservative figures lining up to challenge Park

25. Contenders want change in primary rules

26. Latest member of Lee’s inner circle to fall

27. ‘Defector-turned-lawmaker,’ a first in the South

28. Gyeonggi governor says he will run for president

29. After plagiarism is proven, Moon quits ruling party

30. Doubts about bill on Assembly violence

31. KOICA reaches out to corners of the globe

32. Ministry admits bullying statistics misleading

33. Local gov’ts balk at free child care

34. Most Koreans Think Chaebol Are in Bed with Gov't

35. Relics prove Japan’s claim groundless



36. Post-unification nationalism

37. Should Korea increase its missile range?

38. North Korea’s teachings of a ghost

39. East Sea, Sea of Japan

40. Moon must leave politics

41. Is the party progressive?

42. Kim should keep his governorship

43. Growing pains need addressing

44. Baby boomer blues

45. Day care plan costs too much

46. Multicultural Korea

47. School as small society

48. Upgrading missile defense

49. Starting presidential race

50. Post-election blues

51. Private KTX operator

52. Curbing gas prices

53. Stop academic plagiarism