Daily Press 04/19/2012

Daily Press 04/19/2012

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2. NK threatens to blow up Seoul over defamation of its leader

3. U.S.: No progress in North Korea missile program

4. Movement in the China-NK Relationship

5. Military unveils strategic missiles

6. U.S., South urge North to listen

7. S.Koreans running out of patience with NK: unification minister

8. Seoul unveils new cruise missile to deter NK

9. China likely supplied NKorea missile carrier in possible breach of UN sanctions

10. China suspends repatriation of defectors: Yomiuri

11. Is China feeling N. Korea fatigue?

12. SKorea court gives 30-year prison term to Chinese captain for killing officer; China protests

13. N. Koreans won’t buy hype over leader

14. Kim Jong-un named one of world's most influential people



15. More Koreans seeking work on foreign shores

16. Korea-China FTA moving forward

17. Project back on track to make Yeosu oil hub of Northeast Asia

18. Gov’t moves to offset high oil prices

19. Ramyeon war returns

20. What Chinese like most

21. Food insecurity raises alarm for quality food

22. Samsung Total’s entry aimed at curbing petrol prices

23. Fresh warning issued for troubled savings banks

24. FSC tightening credit card eligibility

25. BC Card has strategy to get over its long slump


South Korean Politics and News

26. Saenuri tosses Moon to ethics panel

27. DUP’s Moon will decide on presidential bid soon

28. Progressive party divided over N. Korea

29. Rep-elect quits Saenuri Party over sex scandal

30. Kwak maintains he is innocent on bribe charges

31. Talent firm chief accused of abuses

32. Number of first-time marriages rises in 2011

33. The 2 Faces of Multiculturalism



34. Park Geun-hye's checklists

35. North Korea’s big leap backwards

36. Changing tack with N.K.

37. Weighing nuclear 'options'

38. Pass the defense reform bill

39. Developing a strong regional axis

40. Fixing legislature branch

41. Campaign for East Sea

42. Ill-advised subsidies

43. School Bullying Cries Out for a More Fundamental Solution

44. HOPE epitomizes marvels of a voluntary society