Daily Press 04/16/2012

Daily Press 04/16/2012



1. North Korean leader relies on legacy of his grandfather

2. N. Korea’s missiles, nuclear arms put itself in greater danger: Lee

3. ‘Pyongyang advances propulsion tech despite failure’

4.Hunt for missile debris continues on

5.Experts Ponder Cause of N.Korean Rocket Failure

6.North likely to launch another rocket, says expert

7. Japan voices fears over N. Korea nuke test

8. China calls for restraint over N.K. launch

9.South Korea could join US missile defense plan

10. North Korean leader Kim vows to enhance army-first policy

11.Kim Jong-un speaks his father’s words with his grandpa’s face

12. North Korea shows off new missile

13.Kim Jong-un, in New Position, Promotes 70

14. S. Koreans launch anti-North leaflets

15. Defector urges N.K. leader to dismantle prison camps

16.'Don’t punish innocent people for NK regime’s bad behavior'



17.BOK cuts growth outlook to 3.5%

18. Korea needs new strategy to stay ahead of China: ministry

19. Korea vows to play leading role in global trade flow

20. S Korean water: floods of interest

21. Foreign workers given unsuitable jobs

22. Korea imported no oil, gas from its foreign fields

23.Consumers Start to Feel Impact of Korea-U.S. FTA

24. Farmers’ guild seek to boost bokbunja food, beverages exports

25. Green exports jump 5-fold

26. Brokerages allowed to handle more foreign exchange services

27. KRX suspends Himart trading over chairman’s corruption

28.No spring yet for Korea’s frozen real estate market

29.FSC to wipe out tricky type of loan

30.'Parknomics' in the making

31.Numbers show life in Korea depressing


South Korean Politics and News

32. DUP to form emergency leadership next month

33. Saenuri to start preparing for national convention

34. Saenuri to weigh ethnics against its majority

35. Talk of Ahn’s presidential bid jolts politics

36.Park plays hardball with NK

37.Is President political baggage?

38. Post-election outlook for finance bills murky

39.Gov’t seeks to downsize local government

40. Podcast hosts probed over campaigning

41. Seoul doubles budget for overseas training of civil servants

42. Xenophobic attacks target naturalized lawmaker-elect

43. Another cover-up attempt suspected at nuke plant

44. Koreans switching back to traditional meat-free diet

45. Korea finds 17th century marine chart depicting Sea of Korea

46. ‘Music comes before politics’

47.You can’t keep a foul-mouthed show host down



48. How US can exploit North Korea’s flop

49. Missile failure fuels Pyongyang’s nuclear incentive

50. Are multicultural schools a problem waiting to happen?

51. What next?

52. Assertive progressives

53. Last legislative service

54. N.Korean leader’s first speech riddled with lies

55. N.Korea’s ‘powerful country’ goal shattered

56. The legislature’s level equals the people’s level

57. Conservative gov’t and violent crime

58.Kim Jong-un Has Nothing New to Say

59.Why North Korea’s Rocket Mattered

60.Kim Il Sung’s sad 100th birthday

61.Did North Korea spoil election fete here?

62.Kim Jong-un at crossroads

63.Third nuclear test

64. Boon or bane?

65.DUP needs new leadership

66.Expectations for Yeosu Expo