Daily Press 04/09/2012

Daily Press 04/09/2012



1. S. Korea braces for N. Korean rocket launch

2. North prepares third nuclear test

3. South Korea Suspects That North May Test Nuclear Device as Well as Rocket

4. China hints at tougher stand on NK

5. World has few ways to punish North Korea launch: analysts

6. Facts on N.K. missile program

7. N. Korea’s political prisons under international scrutiny

8. NK's prosperity promise in doubt

9. Kim Jong-un Stays Out of Economic Affairs

10. Is NK leader’s sister coming out?

11. Japan's claims over peace treaty invalid



12. A new wave of consumerism

13. FTA discounts don’t help US car sales

14. Eyeing upturn, shippers raise their rates

15. Are conditions ripening for BOK rate cut?

16. Korea calls for global efforts to prevent oil speculation

17. CJ targets Vietnam for global expansion

18. GS chairman pins hopes on smart grids

19. Korean Air eyes W1.5tr sales of wingtips and cargo doors

20. Hyundai, Kia seek sales bounce with new launches

21. Ministry ramps up financing for small builders

22. Rumor resurfaces on GM Korea’s relocation

23. Local firms take lead in biosimilars

24. Banks slashing number of branches

25. Buyers puzzled over elusive recovery

26. Korea says no plan to curb record foreign bond buying

27. Regulation impedes hedge funds in S Korea

28. Audit regulators to seek new standards

29. Apple steps up fight with Samsung in U.S.


South Korean Politics and News

30. Parties in last-ditch campaigning

31. 'Hidden voters' hold key to April 11 polls

32. Ahn hints at supporting opposition in polls

33. S.Korea's Twitter generation may give liberals upset win

34. Elections expose generational divide

35. Jasmin to help Seanuri lure naturalized voters

36. Candidate with foul mouth refuses to quit

37. Opposition struggles to shift election focus to Lee

38. Political Priorities Seen Best in Proportional Picks

39. Voter fatigue worsens amid partisan fights

40. Turnout could have heavy impact on poll

41. N.K. has little influence over voter sentiment

42. Parliament likely to have more pro-labor members

43. New ASEAN-Korea chief hails ‘breathtaking’ changes in Myanmar

44. High-concentration ozone possible during Yeosu expo

45. Police can’t save woman after she calls with location

46. Digital wave reaching classrooms

47. Japanese moving to Busan for the sake of their safety



48. Sort out unqualified candidates

49. Opposition alliance that backs N.Korea?

50. Has populism taken over politics?

51. Groundless election rumors

52. Endless turf war

53. Self-denial competition

54. For its own sake, Japan must give up claims to Dokdo

55. ‘Labor pains’ worsening birth rate

56. Corrupt and incompetent

57. A better class of questioning

58. Stepping up FDI efforts

59. Kimchi is not just kimchi