Daily Press 04/06/2012

Daily Press 04/06/2012



1. S.Korea, U.S. Practice Stabilizing N.Korea in Civil War

2. N.Korea Gets Rocket Ready for Launch

3. China Lets N.Korean Teenager Go to Seoul

4. NK says interception of its satellite is an act of war

5. U.S. slams North’s missile invitation

6. NK steps up propaganda to try to sway upcoming S. Korean polls

7. Kim Jong-un appears at eastern naval site

8. Korea criticizes Japan over Dokdo

9. White House gets East Sea petition signed by 25,000

10. U.S. and allies on alert as N.K. prepares for rocket launch

11. Land Ministry to strengthen mgmt. of Korea’s sea borders



12. Foreign Direct Investment Soars in Q1

13. Elections Seen to Negatively Impact Korea's Economy

14. Seminar shows impact of Korus FTA

15. Trade surplus rising for industrial components

16. FDI boost reflects rising confidence

17. FTC frets that tariff cuts not shown in prices

18 . ‘Konex’ planned as new stock market for SMEs

19. Cargo deliveries set to take off after lull

20. Prices of certain US, EU products unchanged despite FTAs

21. Samsung puts Q1 operating profit at record 5.8 trillion won

22. Hyundai Motor drives up stock gains in auto sector

23. KDB due diligence starts to take over HSBC Korea unit

24. Bank of Korea – Currency Trader Par Excellence


South Korean Politics and News

25. Poor Children Smaller Than Average

26. Korea Spends More to Help Underdeveloped Countries

27. Absentee Voting for General Elections Begins

28. Both parties could be in for election day surprise

29. Illegal surveillance takes a serious toll on victims

30. Leaders rally supporters in home turf

31. Rival parties in war of words

32. Polls show a plethora of tight races

33. Ministry violated its neutrality: Watchdog

34. More Koreans voluntarily subscribing to NPS

35. Ministry rains on plan for a community garden

36. Political pedigree: Does it matter in polls?

37. Similar slogans, opposite approaches

38. Minority parties struggle for survival



39. N.Korea Has Nothing to Gain from Rocket Launch

40. It’s the lack of welfare services, stupid!

41. Foreign ministry’s sterile reaction

42. Intervention in election

43. Curbing intelligent tax evasion

43. Curbing intelligent tax evasion

45. Party’s over for in-debt Incheon

46. Single-issue voting

47. Local finances in peril

48. Validation of campaign pledges