Daily Press 03/30/2012

Daily Press 03/30/2012



1. China-N.Korea Communication Breaks Down

2. North Korea’s rocket launch plans moving forward

3. South Korean officials say North Korea test-fired 2 short-range missiles

4. Japan orders missile units to intercept North Korean rocket if territory threatened

5. Obama's North Korean leap of faith falls short

6. N. Korea renews its commitment to go ahead with rocket launch

7. Pyongyang’s New Leader, Nuclear Policy Worry Tokyo

8. U.S. commander requests air power

9. N. Korean women fall victim to human trafficking in Asian nations



10. Current Account Returns to Surplus in February

11. LG to Mass-Produce Flexible Display

12. Korea’s purchasing power tops $30,000 for first time

13. IP brings relief for Korean economy

14. SK Hynix makes bid for Elpida

15. 6 biz groups to expand competitive bidding in 4 sectors

16. High gas prices cause no drop in vehicle use

17. Angry farmers threaten spring pork shortage

18. Wen’s Growth Plan Draws Korea Investment, HI to Consumer


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19. Farmers Protest Against Pork Price Control Plan

20. Lee Meets Georgian, Hungarian Leaders

21. Koreans Poorly Prepared for Retirement

22. New measures to control chaebol are toothless

23. Korea’s Don Quixote Bows Out – For Now

24. PMO had more than 2,600 people under surveillance

25. Lee government draws flak for fresh revelations in surveillance scandal

26. Youth vote has strong impact on results: Poll



27. Exorbitant Spending on Children Could Spell Their Doom

28. Need careful consideration of nuclear power

29. World leaders must stop North Korea’s missile launch

30. Security and safety nexus

31. Nuclear deal with Vietnam

32. Election fever

33. Humanitarian celebrities

34. Reckless populist pledges

35. To reform the National Assembly

36. Clear up all the suspicion

37. Diversion of FTA benefits

38. Weakening yen: A wake-up call

39. What to do with chaebol?