Daily Press 03/28/2012

Daily Press 03/28/2012



1. World Leaders United Against N.Korean Missile Launch

2. 'More Than 30 N.Korean Officials Purged'

3. Nuclear Summit communique short of specific targets

4. World leaders at summit hope NK will open up

5. SK and others to research low-enriched uranium reactor

6. NKorea reveals details of satellite US calls cover for testing missile technology

7. Seoul Talks Offer U.S. an Opening on Pakistan

8. Pyongyang criticizes Tokyo for covering up past with rights issues

9. Summit concludes with 11-point pledge

10. EU urges NK to give up missiles, nukes

11. North Korea Reaffirms Plan to Launch Satellite

12. Divergent forces in NK fomenting crisis: Cha

13. China to let 11 refugees in consulates to defect

14. Japan approves more textbooks claiming Dokdo



15. Consumer Confidence Is on Two Month Consecutive Rise

16. Samsung Is U.S.' Most Frequent Patent Defendant

17. S.Korea Hana says will pursue insurance assets

18. S.Korea Q2 exporter mood picks up but still pessimistic

19. Lee, leaders agree on cooperation

20. Korea, EU heads hail FTA benefits

21. S. Korea, Indonesia announce launch of free trade talks

22. Exports to pick up in second quarter: KITA

23. Samsung reaches out to secure global mobile lead

24. Samsung C&T joins $5 billion carbon-capture project in Britain

25. S Korea banks: the allure of overseas

26. Kim in 3rd year, but reviews mixed

27. Software piracy losses drop 29% in 2011: report

28. Major hospitals to use more Korean-made equipment

29. Gabon president agrees green action with Korean groups

30. Korean economy running out of steam

31. Consumers cut back, says KCCI

32. High rent, heating costs cause spike in expenses

33. Korea to build nuclear plant for Vietnam


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34. World Bank Chief Nominee to Visit Korea

35. Foreign Ministry Opens Dokdo Website

36. Lee Meets with Australian Prime Minister

37. Japanese PM Stirs Up Trouble with 'Comfort Women' Remark

38. Parties brace for start of official campaign

39. Ahn seen leaning toward presidential bid: pundits

40. Ex-official: Pres. Office knew of destruction of evidence

41. Candidates embark on campaigns

42. Ahn keeps presidential ambitions afloat

43. Korea's first overseas voting begins

44. Houses of key surveillance suspects raided

45. Big speech sets HUFS campus abuzz

46. Surveillance cameras to monitor you on subway cars



47. North Korea votes conservative

48. Japanese PM’s continued refusal to acknowledge sexual slavery

49. Rocket plan breaks spirit of food aid deal

50. Speed up investigations

51. Related-party deals

52. Step toward a nuclear-free world

53. Japan's recurring nonsense

54. Corrupt ties

55. Don’t hide from the media

56. Why Does Japan Want to Teach Lies to Future Generations?