Daily Press 03/21/2012

Daily Press 03/21/2012



1. 40 leaders among 58 participants in Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

2. North Korea sharpens criticism of upcoming nuclear summit

3. S.Korea to refer NK missile launch to UN Security Council

4. ‘N.K. told U.S. about satellite plan last year’

5. Hecker: More Certain NK Has More Uranium

6.NK brinksmanship jolts 6-way talks

7.North invites IAEA checks, defends April missile test

8.5 nations’ pressure needed, says MB

9.U.S. mulls hitting North pocketbook on launch

10.US lawmakers file resolution over NK defectors

11.Seoul Diverts Flight Paths Due to N.Korea's Rocket Plan

12.N.Korea Airs Rare Footage of Military Drill

13.Kim Jong-un 'Purged Top Brass of Dissenters'

14. Obama to visit heavily fortified Korean border

15. Gori-1 unit chief decided not report power loss: NSSC

16.North Korean national orchestra could soon visit US for tour starting in Atlanta



17. Tech companies vying to offer free text services

18. No new duty-free shop licenses for conglomerates

19. Hyundai opens centers to compare its cars with imports

20. FSC faces dilemma over new card firms

21. Samsung gets tough on antitrust obstruction

22.Gov't to curb unfair pricing that undermines FTA

23.Finance ministry gets serious on taxing clergy

24.High oil prices hit Hanjin hardest

25.Families going 'micro'

26.Shares drop 0.73% on China, geopolitical worries

27.U.S. to Slap Anti-dumping Duties on Samsung and LG Fridges

28.Korean Cars Dominate Jordan's Used Car Market


South Korean Politics and News

29. S. Korea to push tourism near border with North

30. N.K. rights bill in limbo amid partisan bickering

31. Opposition alliance buffeted by primary irregularities

32. Spying scandal grips politics ahead of poll

33. Korea launches drive to reduce salt intake

34.Parties launch campaign committees

35.Leftist party leader pressured to give up parliamentary bid

36.Flurry of Summits Planned on Sidelines of Seoul Nuclear Meet

37.Most Koreans Feel Financially Unstable, Survey Shows

38.Tight race expected in April’s general election

39. Expo 2012 pulls Yeosu ahead

40.NFP economic promises appear empty



41. South Korea, Israel share fear of nuclear catastrophe

42. Ghost of Kim Jong-il haunts the region

43. Korea makes its presence felt in the Middle East

44. Samsung: popularity lessons from Sweden’s Wallenbergs

45. Giving birth in Pyongyang

46. Official campaigns

47. Taxing clergy

48.North Korea: now what?

49.Helping North Koreans 'strike the blow'

50.Demographic changes

51.Jobs should be the focus

52.Get to the bottom of it

53.Round of applause for Bahk over taxing clergy

54.Green Constitutional Engineering for Korea?

55. Everyone, even the religious, must pay taxes