Daily Press 03/06/2012

Daily Press 03/06/2012



1. Foreign minister to visit U.S. on N.K.

2. Repatriation Protesters Keep Pounding China

3. N. Korea cranks up anti-Lee rhetoric ahead of elections

4. Why Is China So Tough on N.Korean Defectors?

5. North Korea practices with live fire near sea border, protests US-South Korean military drills

6. Chief of NK army unit responsible for Yeonpyeong attack replaced by vice defense minister

7. US urged to link N. Korean defectors' fate with food aid

8. No policy shift from new North Korea leader despite nuclear deal

9. Fukushima residents exploring move to North Jeolla Province



10. Seoul secures oil supply as deal signed with UAE

11. Wage gaps widen between conglomerate, small-firm employees

12. N. Korea deal eases S. Korea's credit risks: Moody's

13. Dividends for chiefs of top 10 conglomerates drop 23.1 percent

14. Spending likely to remain sluggish: ministry

15. Crisis invigorates Hyundai chief

16. Home shopping channels seek global expansion

17. KRX income rises reigniting dispute over trading fees

18. France, US, Chile wage wine war in Korea


South Korean Politics and News

19. Shifting expectations for presidential election

20. Saenuri mixes up candidates with a few big surprises

21. Nomination feud tests Park’s leadership

22. Specter of split haunts Saenuri

23. Opposition parties agree to form alliance

24. DUP nominates fresh faces in Jeolla

25. Labor forces eager to affect candidate selection

26. Unselected lawmakers threaten to desert

27. Rethinking ‘inevitability’ of nuclear energy

28. Risks lurk in voting by mobile phone

29. At concert, a plea for the defectors

30. Seoul education chief under pressure

31. Professor, 2 officers suspected of leaking military secrets

32. Jeju requests temporary suspension of naval base project

33. In South Korea, Journalists Protest Government

34. Koreans with 1-time passport denied RP entry

35. Women In Korea: Glass Half Full or Empty?

36. U.S. ambassador lauds successes of Korean-Americans



37. Seoul Needn't Fear Warming N.Korea-U.S. Ties

38. A refreshing approach, indeed

39. Blue House must clear suspicion

40. No fresh faces

41. China risk

42. The absurdity of opposing for the sake of opposition

43. Determined to stay the course

44. Crony-dominated nomination process

45. Putin’s Russia

46. Strikes at broadcasters

47. Indiscreet Westernization

48. Democratic Unity Party walking away from true reform