Daily Press 02/10/2012

Daily Press 02/10/2012



1. Extended cold wave freezes key NK sectors of fisheries, shipping

2. Military on alert amid shelling sounds across sea border

3. Pyongyang’s leadership change poses “even greater” security challenges: U.S. commander

4. S. Korean Marines take part in landing drill in Thailand

5.South Korea Lawmakers Make First Trip to Gaeseong Complex Since Kim Death



6. S. Korea, Qatar agree to form top-level cooperation mechanism

7. Lawmakers call for FTA benefits to Gaeseong goods

8.What If the Korea-U.S. FTA Was Scrapped?

9. Financial groups vie for ‘matrix’

10. Savings bank bill raises questions

11. Samsung’s win in Germany to boost sales

12. Foreigners buy W10tr in Korean securities

13. Korea Exchange Bank rtgs raised and off creditwatch

14.Why should taxpayers save secondary banking system

15. Credit Delinquency Grows as Baby Boomers Retire

16. Jeju Spent W21.1 Billion on New 7 Wonders Selection

17. T'way Airlines Looking for New Owner

18. S.Korea utility coal demand seen at 73 mln T this yr - KEPCO

19.Gov’t continues to twist firms' arms in inflation fight

20.Taekwang Group chairman resigns over corruption charges

21.State-run firms' 2012 investment to grow 1.8%

22.Japan’s sovereign risks on par with Korea’s

23.Stay tuned

24. South Koreans warm toward displays of wealth

25. More Young Workers Moonlight as Tutors

26. Used School Uniform Trade Booming Online

27. South Korea’s K-pop takes off in the west


South Korean Politics and News

28. Seoul Mayor Park denies reports on joining DUP yet

29. Ex-envoy to Cameroon summoned in CNK case

30. National Assembly speaker sheepishly resigns for corruption

31. Defence administration blushing over podcast ban

32. Discount stores perplexed over days off

33. Civic Group Defies Ban on Meeting with N.Koreans

34. Teen Runaways a Main Source of School Violence

35.Koreans negative on opposition’s KORUS FTA move

36.Civic groups back activist retweeting 'pro-NK' messages

37.Judge critical of President stripped of job

38.'Ahn Cheol-soo' fatigue boosts Moon

39.Ruling party extends registration deadline for election candidates

40.Saenuri lays out policies to hem in the chaebol



41. For alliance’s sake?

42. Speed up the probe

43. Breaking with tradition

44. Media rep bill will further corporatize Korea’s press

45.Blocking liberal nominee

46.Probe of cronies

47.Korea needs new immigration policy

48.DUP’s disgraceful act won’t stand

49.Outrage over Park and Kim’s deceit